You Say Party! We Say Rave! is a multi-talented collective of DJs and producers featuring Clash The Disko Kids and friends. Experience and endure their unique brand of smash up from a colorful spectrum of sounds ranging from techno, electro, nu-rave, house, drum & bass and break beats to dubstep. Residing on the sunny island of Singapore, Clash The Disko Kids and the other members have since progressed far beyond its shores, taking their brand of wickedness to parties across the globe. Their flamboyant production along with passionate ideas and rock star attitude caught the attention of many punters and industry folks amazed by their ripping, technologically advanced live sets and charismatic stage presence, reminding you that they are deadly serious about letting yourselves loose and partying your heart out.

This blog is open for interaction for all the party people that have and will contribute to the local party scene. DJs, promoters, producers, artists, music lovers, clubbers & party people..etc.

Current crew members are:

Clash The Disko Kids
Shawn Livewire
Adrian Wee
Eden (photographer)
Cain & Clara